What You Should Know About Student Debt

Editor's Note: An important goal of Envision Frederick County is to encourage people to be more informed about and engaged in civic life. Some consider our democracy threatened by the lack of participation in our … [Read more...]

Most Millennials are not voting, but they should!

Over the last few weeks, I have likely annoyed the pants off of most of my Facebook friends with constant updates about voting in the upcoming primaries. Those posts have received little to no attention or comment, not … [Read more...]

To begin, who or what is a Millennial?

There have always been differences between generations. Everyone has experienced the problems of trying to explain new technology to someone much older or an important part of history to someone much younger. The … [Read more...]

Looking forward to sharing and exploring a millennial perspective

Hi everyone. My name is Blair Donald. I am a junior at Kent State University majoring in public relations, and I‘ve been a resident of Frederick County for my entire life. This summer I will be interning with … [Read more...]