Great idea: The public realm

More and more people are appreciating that architecture and urban design of streets and public spaces have the power to connect, engage, and inspire all of us. Complete streets are more than bike … [Read more...]

Traditional cities (like Frederick) are having a big decade

Strong demand for historic downtowns and neighborhoods brings a surge of population at a level not seen in 70 years. Traditional American cities like Seattle, New Orleans, New York City, and … [Read more...]

A new right hook for New Urbanism

For nearly a year, The American Conservative, a right-leaning national magazine, has been running well-written, informed, and positive online articles on the New Urbanism. Two of its editors joined a panel discussion at … [Read more...]

PlaceMakers’ highlight reel from CNU23

EDITOR'S NOTE: This blog entry contains a number of outstanding "snippets" from a very impressive list of contributors. "CNU23" refers to the 23rd annual Congress (for the New Urbanism) which was recently convened … [Read more...]

Small cities and towns are urban places, too

The Washington Post recently told the story of Drew Murphy—an educated young man living the walkable urban life like many in his generation, with a twist. He doesn't live in the city. "Murphy, 31, lives the … [Read more...]

Nurturing and strengthening the urban commons: some beginning principles (Part 2 of 2)

As I wrote last fall, to move more deliberately toward anything resembling a sustainable future, we need to use land more efficiently, building more compactly, with higher densities of homes and businesses per acre than … [Read more...]