Green Homes Challenge: Saving energy and money! Learn how it can work for you.

Every year for the past six hears, the Frederick County Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources has hosted an event to celebrate the households in Frederick County that are going green, saving energy, and … [Read more...]

Fracking snake oil for Marylanders

We have until Feb. 9 to tell the state’s Department of the Environment (MDE) what we think of proposed regulations for fracking in Maryland. And we have only to look at the “assumptions” listed in the regulations to know … [Read more...]

Fracking Affects Myersville Even Without Drilling

In talking about 'fracking', the industry commonly tries to limit the public discussion to the actual process of injecting liquid at high pressure into rock formations to extract gas. However, there is a broad and … [Read more...]

Complete Town Planning – The Energy Element

From a community infrastructure perspective, everything changed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Ensuring energy resiliency to power individual buildings as well as entire communities emerged as a pressing … [Read more...]

Groups Condemn Federal Ruling on Cove Point LNG Export Facility

EXCERPT: The Dominion Cove Point project would take gas from fracking wells across Appalachia and liquefy it along the shore of the Chesapeake Bay for export to Asia. The project would be the first LNG export facility … [Read more...]

Scientists call for 10-year wait on fracking in Maryland

A group of public health experts and other scientists meeting in Baltimore this month have called for a 10-year moratorium on fracking in Maryland. And if surrounding states continue experimenting on their people, … [Read more...]

Too many unknowns in fracking

As Maryland closes in on a decision whether to allow fracking, two key studies — on economic and health effects — are in play. One doesn’t deliver on its main mission. The other has huge gaps, not of its own making but … [Read more...]

Sleepwalking through Fracking

Between naps at a meeting last week about a Cove Point wetlands permit, Gov. Martin O’Malley apparently woke up long enough to decide that fracking could be done safely in Maryland. Even though his Marcellus Shale … [Read more...]