Environmentalists and development: a complex relationship in a hyperbolic election season

In election races in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, candidates are claiming they “support the environment” or “are for smart growth.” Some of those candidates also seem to be against most development, while others are more … [Read more...]

Smarter Growth Alliance of Frederick County: Letter of support for County Executive’s proposed amendments to the Forest Resource Ordinance

Please read this letter from the Smarter Growth Alliance of Frederick County, expressing strong support for County Executive Jan Gardner’s proposed amendments (Bill 17-17) to the county's Forest … [Read more...]

Just Keeping Afloat

It’s just too much sometimes. Or not enough. I’m not sure which. Either way, there are times when I feel as if I’ve been flattened, or maybe just blunted, by the minuscule concerns of daily life. Add a few extra … [Read more...]

Our Lawns Are Killing Us. It’s Time to Kick the Habit

Pristine turf grass lawns are as synonymous with America as baseball and apple pie. For those of us who grew up in the suburbs, waking up to the lulling drone of lawnmowers signaled the start of a summer Saturday with … [Read more...]

Couple goes solar and restores a creekside forest in Myersville

"I'm all about being green. And I think I've finally achieved net zero when it comes to electricity." Today, I am a retired federal employee with a utility bill of $5.36 a month. But a few years ago, before … [Read more...]

Green Neighbor Festival: Culler Lake in the spotlight (May 20 & 21)

In a few short weeks, Culler Lake will be the site of the first ever Green Neighbor Festival celebrating environmentally friendly practices to protect our natural resources. In 2015-2016, Culler Lake … [Read more...]

A plan for protecting OUR Monocacy River!

Our Monocacy River, winding nearly sixty miles from north to south and bisecting the length of Frederick County, faces many challenges, including an excesses of sediments, phosphorous runoff and … [Read more...]

Fracking and health: What we know from Pennsylvania’s natural gas boom

The fracking industry has been an energy success story: Natural gas prices have decreased as fracking has skyrocketed, and natural gas now produces more electricity than coal does, which has resulted in improved air … [Read more...]