Cultivating Backyard Gardens

Maryland has a "Right-to-Farm" law that is designed to protect agricultural operations from nuisance suits by those who may move next to a farming operation. The law offers protection/defense against nuisance suits … [Read more...]

Great Green Landscaping Practices to Promote Sustainability

Green landscaping isn’t just about choosing the plants, flowers, and shrubbery that are the most aesthetically pleasing. This type of gardening methodology looks at the synergistic relationship of choosing the right … [Read more...]

Simple Life Lessons Learned Through Gardening

I love to garden... it's my happy place. I've never felt better and more at peace than when my hands are covered in soil, my boots are filthy and I'm rearranging and tending to my garden. It's a wonderful thing. But … [Read more...]

4 things I’ve learned while starting a business

Starting a business is, no doubt, a challenging endeavor and there's always more to it than a person thinks there's going to be. Normally it starts with a flash of inspiration. Something that clicks inside of you and … [Read more...]

Direct Seeding and Transplanting in Early Spring

Today is a beautiful, sunny day... at last! It's also March 20th, which means it's time to get some seeds in the ground. I've attached a video blog entry below to show you some of my techniques for starting your … [Read more...]

Growing During The Winter Months (Part 2)

In my last blog post, I described how easy it can be to grow sprouts in the comfort of your own home during the cold winter months. Aside from sprouts, another very easy thing to grow indoors during the winter are … [Read more...]

Growing During The Winter Months (Part 1)

Well, it's been a ridiculously cold and long winter and I (as well, I'm sure, as all of you) couldn't be happier to welcome in Spring with open arms. Sometime winter takes so long that I forget what it's like to bask in … [Read more...]

New Beginnings – Starting a Small Farm in Downtown Frederick

I've been in love with farming since 2008, when I started hanging out with Loran Shallenberger, a great guy and a very talented farmer who was living near the base of Sugarloaf mountain at the time. I started helping … [Read more...]