Early thoughts about Governor Hogan’s proposed new lanes on I270

Last week, Governor Hogan proposed an ambitious $9 billion project that includes adding four new lanes to the Maryland portion of the Beltway, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and Interstate 270 from the Beltway to … [Read more...]

Failure to act (like professionals)

I'm a licensed civil engineer. As an undergrad at the University of Minnesota, I was offered the opportunity to join the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) at a student membership rate of $25. My class was told … [Read more...]

Why Plans Fail: The 5 Pieces of Neighborhood Revitalization Infrastructure

Do you ever wonder why the grand visions of many neighborhood plans fail to materialize? Have you heard neighborhood residents and stakeholders complain of planning fatigue? I’ve recently been thinking about … [Read more...]

The new science of traffic engineering

If transportation officials embrace a new approach backed by science, safe and effective mobility no longer need conflict with the multidimensional role of streets as public spaces and with people’s varied modes … [Read more...]

Progress depends on more ‘infrastructure of community’

Healthy places need two physical characteristics: The architecture of community and the infrastructure of community. Together they comprise the vertical and horizontal parts of cities and towns. Both are critical, but … [Read more...]

Make Your Voice Heard on October 23rd (oppose the Monrovia Town Center)

That’s right! On October 23rd, we have the opportunity to make our voice heard in opposition to the proposed Monrovia Town Center. We have the opportunity to right the wrong before it is committed. We get to tell the … [Read more...]