Twelve steps of sprawl recovery

In communities across America sprawl is giving way to more diverse places. Here are a dozen keys to that trend. The storm clouds of sprawl addiction had been gathering for years, but it took the … [Read more...]

To fight global climate change, fight global sprawl

The drive-through lifestyle, exported by America and adopted worldwide, is the "operating system for growth" that is a root cause of rising carbon emissions. A few years back I conducted a little … [Read more...]

The distorted DNA of your community

You are made principally of carbon. So is every other living thing on earth, from plants to animals to bacteria and DNA itself. There is a reason for this: At a molecular level, carbon is a really flexible element. It … [Read more...]

Loudoun County and the Nefarious Ways Sprawl Begets Sprawl

Loudoun County was once one of the most beautiful in Virginia. Now it's just a massively sprawling suburb. Loudoun County was once one of the most beautiful in Virginia. It was characterized by … [Read more...]

Former Secretary of Planning critical of Gov. Hogan on Red Line, Baltimore and sprawl

The following is a letter to the "Baltimore Sun" editor that was submitted on Monday, but was not run. The letter is a response to an Op-Ed in the Sun, written jointly by a Republican state senator from western Maryland … [Read more...]

Four types of sprawl

I shared my thoughts recently on the idea of "sprawl retrofit" which also sometimes goes by the name "sprawl repair" or "suburban retrofit." Today it's time to take a step backwards and define what I actually mean by the … [Read more...]

Do you really believe that?

It’s been a couple of years since I spent significant time at the annual Congress for the New Urbanism, so this year I was looking forward to the annual confab in Dallas. It didn’t disappoint. The host committee and … [Read more...]

New study: Urban sprawl costs US economy more than $1 trillion per year

Washington, DC, March 19th: Urban sprawl costs the American economy more than US$1 trillion annually, according to a new study by the New Climate Economy. These costs include greater spending on … [Read more...]