The time has come to reimagine sustainability

The time has come to reimagine sustainability. We find ourselves at the dawn of a terrifying new era. We know now that essentially every planetary system is in crisis, that our greenhouse gas emissions, our … [Read more...]

Green infrastructure a key to sustainable development

We can build a City of Frederick that supplies a better relationship between our built environment, the homes, streets, and infrastructures that support our lifestyles and the natural environment that sustains us. It … [Read more...]

The Battle of Frackistan

A Real World Account of What it Means to be a Victim of the U.S. Fracking Boom What would you do if you bought your perfect home: acreage, creeks, waterfalls, home office, studio, gardens and orchards, gourmet kitchen … [Read more...]

A Sustainable Rewrite for Frederick County

Imagine a movie... Prologue: For eons Native Americans call the Monocacy Valley home, then Europeans settle into this fertile pocket they call Frederick County. 1750s onward, the blood, sweat and … [Read more...]

Bringing Sustainability to Small Towns

In my writing I frequently celebrate leadership in community sustainability from such progressive, highly urbanized metro areas as Portland, Seattle, and Philadelphia, and even from more sprawling locales such as Los … [Read more...]

Complete Town Planning – The Energy Element

From a community infrastructure perspective, everything changed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Ensuring energy resiliency to power individual buildings as well as entire communities emerged as a pressing … [Read more...]

City of Frederick developing sustainability plan (draft included here)

At their October 22nd workshop, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Frederick reviewed the Introduction and Challenges sections of a draft Sustainability Master Plan being developed for the city. The … [Read more...]

New Report: “Reinvest Maryland” Offers Strategies to Revitalize Communities

EXCERPT: "The Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission has produced Reinvest Maryland: Accelerating Infill, Redevelopment & Community Revitalization. The just-released report sets forth dozens of recommendations to help … [Read more...]