Take Action Maryland: Don’t Let Zero Waste be Hijacked by Incineration!

RE: Senate Bill 105, entitled “Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority - Name and Authority” ACTION REQUESTED: Click below to send a letter to object to this … [Read more...]

With incinerator in limbo, BOCC considering disposal options

According to the agenda for their meeting on Thursday, Oct. 9th, the Board of County Commissioners will hear from the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority regarding possible plans of action to deal with Frederick … [Read more...]

Truth takes a back seat in ongoing incinerator saga

Last week Carroll County paid $1,000,000.00 to exit as Frederick's partner in the 1,500 tons-per-day regional trash and tire incinerator planned for location at the McKinney Industrial Center south of Frederick City. The … [Read more...]

Carroll County officially released from incinerator partnership

Envision Frederick County will be posting more details and a few blog entries about what this means for Frederick County and the incinerator, but in the meantime, here's the basic news, with links to the coverage in the … [Read more...]

Frederick County Ignores Major Flaws in Financial Plan for Incinerator

There are a number of major problems with the Waste-to-Energy, or incinerator, plan developed by the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority (the Authority) and still supported by the Frederick County Board of County … [Read more...]