Fracking and health: What we know from Pennsylvania’s natural gas boom

The fracking industry has been an energy success story: Natural gas prices have decreased as fracking has skyrocketed, and natural gas now produces more electricity than coal does, which has resulted in improved air … [Read more...]

If walking were a new drug, we’d all have a prescription!

Everyone knows walking is good for you. It’s plain common sense, backed by a wealth of recent medical research. In fact, a major new study found that lack of physical activity is twice as deadly for us as … [Read more...]

Scientists call for 10-year wait on fracking in Maryland

A group of public health experts and other scientists meeting in Baltimore this month have called for a 10-year moratorium on fracking in Maryland. And if surrounding states continue experimenting on their people, … [Read more...]

Too many unknowns in fracking

As Maryland closes in on a decision whether to allow fracking, two key studies — on economic and health effects — are in play. One doesn’t deliver on its main mission. The other has huge gaps, not of its own making but … [Read more...]

The moral crisis of our time

Environmental activist Sandra Steingraber says her first kindergarten art project was a tiled ashtray. Children often made this “infrastructure” for adults’ tobacco addiction, she said. Her parents didn’t even smoke, but … [Read more...]

What do we need to know..and why…about the biodefense labs at Fort Detrick?

There’s an important Safety EXPO on April 30, and more you should know…. They’re right there in the middle of town: The national headquarters for biodefense research, and the largest campus of … [Read more...]