The new science of traffic engineering

If transportation officials embrace a new approach backed by science, safe and effective mobility no longer need conflict with the multidimensional role of streets as public spaces and with people’s varied modes … [Read more...]

Whose Truth Frederick? Our schools. Our roads. Our water.

For too long, the myths that support conventional wisdom around residential development in Frederick County have stood without question. For too long, we have been carefully fed … [Read more...]

The daunting challenge of unwalkable America

This won’t be breaking news to most readers, but Americans don’t walk very much. Periodically, National Geographic publishes a 17-nation “Greendex” study on, among many other things, transit use and walking. In 2012 we … [Read more...]

FACT meeting ignores the elephant in the room

Monday morning, the Frederick Area Committee for Transportation (FACT) held their regular monthly meeting. As reported in the Frederick News Post, a discussion about the recent FACT letter supporting the controversial … [Read more...]