We consistently ask the wrong questions about transit investment

“Public transit wastes my money.” “If public transit is so great, shouldn’t ticket sales cover the cost?” “Why should I pay for a bus I’ll never take?” Read the comments section on just about any news story dealing … [Read more...]

Four Characteristics of Active, Healthy Neighborhoods

Scientists are learning more and more about how where we live affects the amount of exercise we get, and thus how fit and healthy we are likely to be. In general, city dwellers are particularly well placed to get regular … [Read more...]

Pied Piper for Livable Communities: Gil Penalosa

Gil Penalosa has traveled to more than 200 communities across the world scouting for the best ideas to improve community life for people of all ages. He believes the measure of a good place is whether we’d feel … [Read more...]

How Transit, Walkability Help Make Cities More Affordable

Highly enlightening new data from the New York City-based Citizens Budget Commission demonstrate the immense importance of walkability and transit in shaping how affordable large US cities are for a range of household … [Read more...]

What we like – and don’t like – about our cities

American city dwellers place a high value on their cities’ food offerings, from restaurants to farmers’ markets. We also love historic buildings and good public spaces. Traffic, not so much. These findings are from a … [Read more...]

Moving beyond “smart growth” to a more holistic city agenda

I have spent most of the last twenty years working on an agenda grounded in, for lack of a better phrase, “smart growth.” That agenda basically holds that our regions must replace suburban sprawl with more compact forms … [Read more...]

Cities Release New Guide on World-Class Street Design

The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) unveiled a new design manual for city streets on September 23rd. A blueprint for the 21st century streetscape, the Urban Street Design Guide … [Read more...]

Smart, Green & Growing: MDP Releases New Publication

The Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) has compiled a handy and informative guide to land-use planning in Maryland, including background on the state's enabling legislation and significant laws, such as the … [Read more...]