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Daniel is a founding member of Strong Towns and serves as Content Manager. He has a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from the Univ. of Minnesota. His obsession with maps began before he could read. His environmentalism can be traced back to age 4, when he yelled at his parents for stepping on weeds growing in sidewalk cracks. His love of great urban design and human-scaled, livable places has also been lifelong. He has a B.A. from Stanford Univ. in Human Biology with a concentration in Conservation and Sustainable Development. After college, he worked as an environmental activist in support of indigenous people's rights and conservation in the Amazon. He can often be found hiking or cycling. Daniel is from St. Paul, Minnesota.

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We Used to Just Call These “Houses”

We have a way in the modern world of rediscovering things that humans have always done but branding them as something trendy and a little alien. So it goes with the explosion of interest in "tiny houses" as an answer to … [Read more...]

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Making normal neighborhoods legal again

I've spent over two-thirds of my life so far living in anarchic environments where the rule of law did not prevail. It's a wonder I survived at all. You see, when I was born, my parents lived in a duplex, in a … [Read more...]

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We Used to Do This Everywhere

I just got back from a few days in New Orleans, where I stayed—as most tourists to that city do—in the French Quarter. The name is actually a misnomer from the particular perspective of an urban planner: most of the … [Read more...]

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Why Are Developers Only Building Luxury Housing?

"Developers in my city are only building luxury housing. They're not building anything that ordinary people can afford." If you’ve said this lately, or heard someone else say it, here are five possible reasons … [Read more...]

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Progress in an Uncertain World

Strong Towns is often accused of offering doom-and-gloom diagnoses of problems but being light on solutions. "You don't tell us what we can actually DO to fix our insolvent cities," goes the response. "You're just so … [Read more...]