Experience is the new buzzword for walkable town centers

As the retail market becomes less certain, mixed-use developers look to other ways to boost foot traffic and create a destination. Online retail sales are having a mixed impact on urbanism. … [Read more...]

Jeff Speck’s Step-by-Step Guide to Making Better Urban Places

If you are involved in the world of city and neighborhood design, you probably know (or at least have heard of) the work of urban thinker, writer, lecturer, and city planner Jeff Speck. He has authored or coauthored a … [Read more...]

Gentle density: Making neighborhoods transit-ready

Accessory dwellings can triple the density on a single-family lot while preserving the character of neighborhoods. Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a rapidly growing city—the largest in Northwest Arkansas, … [Read more...]

Why Are Developers Only Building Luxury Housing?

"Developers in my city are only building luxury housing. They're not building anything that ordinary people can afford." If you’ve said this lately, or heard someone else say it, here are five possible reasons … [Read more...]

Who is going to pay for ALL this new growth?! And how?! (Public hearing Tuesday evening!)

FINALLY the public hearing on legislation to adjust the inadequate Mitigation Fees ("School Construction Fees") is on the agenda after being hijacked and put on hold for a while by the … [Read more...]

Hear Royce Hanson at Hood on April 12: “Planning Politics and the Public Interest: Lessons Learned in Montgomery County”

Join us for a excellent presentation next Thursday from Royce Hanson, a recognized author and national leader in land use policies. Mr. Hanson will be presenting a seminar at Hood College, sponsored by the Center for … [Read more...]

The Science Is In: The healthiest neighborhoods are both walkable and green

Most of us, most of the time, don’t make much connection between place – the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play – and our health. Not unless we’re thinking of such obvious local health concerns as an outbreak of … [Read more...]

Small apartments in single-family neighborhoods

A Midwest city considers an affordable option to house more families in walkable neighborhoods. To relieve a worsening shortage of housing, Minneapolis planners have suggested allowing the … [Read more...]