Letter about the Monocacy River Plan to elected officials in Frederick and Carroll counties

I sent the following email on Friday, February 15th, to the Frederick County Executive and County Council, and to the County Commissioners of Carroll County. Dear Council Members and Commissioners: The turf … [Read more...]

My testimony in favor of approving the Monocacy Scenic River Management Plan

Last year, some friends and I paddled down part of the Monocacy River and saw it for ourselves. Some areas look wild and scenic, but mostly there’s not enough natural vegetation or buffer to prevent runoff, or mitigate … [Read more...]

In support of the Monocacy Scenic River Plan (SLIDE SHOW)

The following is an informative slide show, presented in support of the draft Update of the Monocacy Scenic River Management Plan You can view it three ways: 1) Scroll through the images and text below, 2) Click here … [Read more...]

Health of Monocacy River is not being taken seriously enough!

I write on behalf of the Climate Change Working Group, a growing group of local citizens concerned about our children’s future. We seek to help prepare Frederick County and its residents to adapt to and mitigate the … [Read more...]

Just Keeping Afloat

It’s just too much sometimes. Or not enough. I’m not sure which. Either way, there are times when I feel as if I’ve been flattened, or maybe just blunted, by the minuscule concerns of daily life. Add a few extra … [Read more...]

The Politics of Personal Destruction in Frederick County

EDITOR'S NOTE: We thank Rick Brace for sharing this perspective about one of the disturbing aspects of the recent, ongoing and heated controversy about the Monocacy Scenic River Advisory Board and its … [Read more...]

You can help support the Monocacy Scenic River!

The Monocacy River is the largest river in Frederick County and provides more than a quarter of the City of Frederick's drinking water, but its waters are threatened. Polluted runoff carries sediment, … [Read more...]

A plan for protecting OUR Monocacy River!

Our Monocacy River, winding nearly sixty miles from north to south and bisecting the length of Frederick County, faces many challenges, including an excesses of sediments, phosphorous runoff and … [Read more...]