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How should the City of Frederick accessorize?

When it comes to accessory dwelling units, the City of Frederick is playing catch-up. Numerous jurisdictions around the country have eased restrictions on what were once known as granny flats, garage apartments or in-law … [Read more...]

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NIMBY By Any Other Name


“Large swaths of our city are exclusively zoned for single-family homes, so unless you have the ability to build a very large home on a very large lot, you can’t live in the neighborhood,” says Minneapolis mayor Jacob … [Read more...]

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Planning for resilience

“What the city lacks right now is some overarching plan.” That’s what Frederick’s new mayor, Michael O’Connor, said the other day, asking the public to weigh in on the findings of his Strategic Opportunities Advisory … [Read more...]

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Best laid plans: East Street Corridor Small Area Plan approved

It passed with little fanfare the other day, but the city finally approved the East Street Corridor Small Area Plan. Meant to guide future growth and development along East Street from Interstate 70 to 14th Street, the … [Read more...]