#Climate Stewards Pledge

We must walk more gently on the Earth. Households in the United States emit an average of 21.5 metric tons of carbon per year – almost 5 times the global average. Our goal for planetary health should be closer to … [Read more...]

Why cities are the world’s best hope for climate action

Cities offer breakthrough potential for immediate and effective action on the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and a hotter world, according to a new book, The Urban Fix. The Urban Fix is the … [Read more...]

Our Beautiful Blanket of Life

Yesterday’s bike ride was one I've made many times – up Church Hill, right on Woodland Way and then a short climb up the back side of Harp Hill for that great zoom down. Just a little over nine miles, all close to home. … [Read more...]

Connect with the Multi-faith Alliance of Climate Stewards of Frederick County

The Multi-faith Alliance of Climate Stewards (MACS) of Frederick County is made up of individuals and faith communities who are called to act on climate. As people of faith, it is our moral duty to learn more about … [Read more...]

Climate Change Working Group comments regarding the Livable Frederick Master Plan draft

EXCERPT: "In summary, the Livable Frederick Plan is a positive framework and a strong step forward in responsible planning – but in order to serve the citizens of Frederick County effectively, it MUST[Read more...]

Envisioning Frederick through the eyes of climate change

Climate Change is such a paradigm shifting phenomenon that, as an individual, I find it hard to imagine what I could do to have a meaningful impact. I don’t have an electric car, but I do minimize my vehicle use by … [Read more...]

To fight global climate change, fight global sprawl

The drive-through lifestyle, exported by America and adopted worldwide, is the "operating system for growth" that is a root cause of rising carbon emissions. A few years back I conducted a little … [Read more...]

“Drawdown” discussion Saturday: Most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming

"Drawdown" is a comprehensive guide to reversing global warming and regenerating the planet. Join us at Fox Haven (near Jefferson) this Saturday evening for a discussion about what regenerative agriculture, educating … [Read more...]