FCTA Report: Frederick County Starving its Public Schools

EXCERPT: Failure to invest in public schools will have a broad-based negative impact on the county. Over 200 academic studies link the quality of public schools to workforce productivity, economic competitiveness, the … [Read more...]

Whose Truth Frederick? Our schools. Our roads. Our water.

For too long, the myths that support conventional wisdom around residential development in Frederick County have stood without question. For too long, we have been carefully fed … [Read more...]

It Takes a Supportive Community to Educate a Child

When I was newly married, I drove a school bus for Frederick County Public Schools to help make ends meet. Each morning, I woke at 5:00 a.m. to drive to the Hayward Road bus lot. I took my bus down Yellow Springs Road to … [Read more...]

Stop Calling it Tenure

In the K-12 arena, teacher tenure is not—and was never intended to be—a guarantee of a job for life. Tenure does nothing more than guarantee due process for an employee who faces workplace sanctions or termination. … [Read more...]

Once upon a time, when education was adequately funded

Editors Note: The following is a slightly edited for print transcript of the public testimony delivered by MC to the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners at the May 7, 2014 Public Hearing on the FY2015 … [Read more...]