Building Butterfly Ridge Elementary School should be atop a too-long list of overdue school projects

EXCERPT: "Instead, however, the much-needed renovation or replacement of Frederick High School, had to wait, for decades! As so often has happened when planning for growth, the process doesn’t adequately … [Read more...]

A very tired “mommy crusader” writes to the Board of Education

EDITOR'S NOTE: On Wednesday, the Frederick County Board of Education will hold a Public Hearing on the 2015 Superintendent's Recommended Educational Facilities Master Plan. This is an annual update of a ten year plan -- … [Read more...]

Stop Calling it Tenure

In the K-12 arena, teacher tenure is not—and was never intended to be—a guarantee of a job for life. Tenure does nothing more than guarantee due process for an employee who faces workplace sanctions or termination. … [Read more...]

Once upon a time, when education was adequately funded

Editors Note: The following is a slightly edited for print transcript of the public testimony delivered by MC to the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners at the May 7, 2014 Public Hearing on the FY2015 … [Read more...]

Caring For “Our Young Man”

What began as a quick check of emails in my-box has become an affirmation of all things good in our Frederick County community. In mid-November of this year, I returned home at the end of just a normal workday. My goal, … [Read more...]

Planning for Failure …… Our Schools, Our Children and Our Future!

Planning does matter. I became involved in Frederick County government almost 20 years ago out of an interest in solving school overcrowding. The schools my children attended were surrounded by portable classrooms, … [Read more...]