In Search of Dandelions: A Bee’s Journey

The Bee emerges from his egg in early spring.  He is hungry for the work nature has intended for him to do and the role he will play in the renewing and feeding of other animals.  Mostly the Bee is hungry for pollen to eat.  The best source of pollen in the early spring is the bright sunshiny yellow Dandelion.  Bees just love Dandelions!

The Bee’s egg was planted in the small hollow of a tree.  Emerging the Bee sees nothing but a lot of green grass.  These are the lawns of humans with buildings they call houses.  The green lawn may look good to the humans but does the Bee no good.  There are no bright sunshiny yellow Dandelions in this lawn.  The Bee flies on.

The next yard is nothing but green grass also.  Being a newly hatched bee, he tires easily with no food in his belly.  The Bee also knows that he cannot land on any of these green lawns to take a rest, because they are covered in the chemicals the kill the bright sunshiny yellow Dandelions, YUK!  The chemicals will kill him too if he is not careful.  Then he cannot do the job that nature intended for him to do.  The Bee flies on.

See, the Bee knows he has an important job to do.  His job is to spread pollen from plant to plant.  The Bee does this by landing to each flower, leaving some pollen, and taking some pollen with him to the next flower.  This process makes more flowers for other insects, like butterflies and helps some of those flowers turn into fruits and vegetables for all the other animals to eat.  The other animals eat the fruits and vegetables to have energy to do the job nature has intended for them to do.  The Bee worries, if he cannot find food to feed himself, how will he help to feed the other animals when the time comes.  The Bee flies on.

Finally, the Bee comes to yet another yard, this one does not have any chemicals spread on it that will kill him.  He can take a rest.  Better yet, this lawn has bright sunshiny yellow Dandelions for him to fill his empty belly.  The Bee is happy and flies from Dandelion to Dandelion doing his job and filling his belly.

Let’s all learn to love our bright sunshiny yellow Dandelions. (and clover flowers too!)