May we stop the madness?

It’s that time of year again. The Holidays. No matter which holiday you celebrate, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another, this time of year compels us to buy stuff.  All kinds of stuff.

Now I generally try not to use the word “stuff” in my writing or speaking.  It is just too general a word and can be interpreted a million different ways.  But I feel it is an appropriate word to use when talking about buying items for the sake of buying items.  Which is what all the advertising is all about.  Have no fear, I am not going to get on my soapbox and expound about the evils of marketing stuff.  As a minimalist, I can really get going on that.

So, let me ask you.  Do your holidays look like this?

and this?

Ever wonder what you’re going to do with all the stuff you buy as gifts for the people in your house?  Where are you going to put it?  What is the person you are buying the present for going to put their stuff?  Even if you or the receiver are going to get rid of something to make space for the new thing, that old thing needs to go somewhere.  Please don’t say the trash!  You will give me heart palpitations!  Anyway, ever thought of a better way to do the Holiday Season?

How about this?

Or this?

Yes, this is called by some the Season of Giving.  That does not necessarily mean material things.  It can and does mean, the giving of your TIME, ATTENTION, AFFECTION, and your INTEREST to the other people in your life.  You may be saying, you do the gatherings thing also.  But with all the running around for the mountain of presents you feel compelled to buy, are you really “present” at these gatherings?

Sure, a gift or two is nice.  Here are a few ideas:

  • You can make them. Literally make them.  There are so many craft ideas on the internet.  Think of how special that would be.
  • Shop at your local downtown area, where you can find unique gifts to give. Avoiding the “Oh. Another sweater shaver.  Thanks”.  Or whatever the year’s hot items is.  I believe I am dating myself with the sweater shaver.  Hey, it was a major hot item in the late 1980s.  LOL
  • Gift cards to restaurants, for future gatherings.
  • Donations to charities in a person’s name.
  • Know a house with growing teenagers?  You can’t go wrong with pies, cakes, casseroles, etc.

These are just some thought filled ideas to warm the gift receives heart.  As well as yours, as the giver.  Without breaking the bank or the shelves in the closets.

Happy Holidays to All 😊

Leann lives in Frederick and is passionate about greening the earth and sustainable energy.