Land Use, Planning and Development

Envision Frederick County is dedicated to enhancing the social, economic and environmental vitality of our community. Perhaps no other set of issues affects each of those things, and others, more than the choices we make about land use. Where and when and how we develop our community directly and substantially affects the cost and quality of infrastructure and public services; it affects the range and affordability of housing, and the attractiveness and long term viability of our communities; it shapes matters of public health and public safety; it determines challenges related to transportation, traffic and public transit; the choices we make have a dramatic impact on the environment, including open space, parks and recreation, air and water quality, and the overall biological integrity and sustainability of our “green infrastructure; and much more.

And, because local government in Maryland is the primary regulator of land use, and because there is a great deal of money associated with zoning and development, wealthy and motivated, and narrowly-focused development interests invest a great deal of money and time and effort to influence this critical decision-making process that so heavily shapes our community and its future. We believe having any meaningful and significant balance in that process requires a well-informed and more engaged citizenry. Using this website and other communication tools effectively is vital to being able to make a difference on this important set of issues. Stay tuned.