Gentle density: Making neighborhoods transit-ready

Accessory dwellings can triple the density on a single-family lot while preserving the character of neighborhoods. Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a rapidly growing city—the largest in Northwest Arkansas, … [Read more...]

Why Are Developers Only Building Luxury Housing?

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County Executive Announces Legislation to support Accessory Dwelling Units

Frederick County is experiencing a gradually increasing problem and challenge when it comes to affordable housing. It is not an issue that will be resolved by any one thing. There are no "silver bullets" here. Rather, … [Read more...]

Small apartments in single-family neighborhoods

A Midwest city considers an affordable option to house more families in walkable neighborhoods. To relieve a worsening shortage of housing, Minneapolis planners have suggested allowing the … [Read more...]

Affordability is not a zero-sum game

A new report by Todd Litman offers a vision for optimal urban growth for affordability and livability—laying down a challenge to Wendell Cox, smart growth critic and author of a widely cited … [Read more...]

The 5 Immutable Laws of Affordable Housing

Affordable housing has become something of a buzzword (or two words) in urban circles over the last few decades. In fact, a veritable movement has arisen in cities with high housing costs, which seeks to ensure that … [Read more...]

Missing Middle Housing Close Up: Bungalow Courts

As experts in Missing Middle Housing types, we’ve closely documented lots of examples of the Missing Middle and explored the world of carriage houses. This time, we’re looking at a charming, clustered type of Missing … [Read more...]

Gentrification is primarily A failure of government & terminology, not developers

Engineers often have to deal with conflicting constraints. For instance, an aircraft designer might be told that a new airplane must be both faster and more fuel efficient. Some will tell you that resolving conflicting … [Read more...]