MD Dept. of Planning review of Livable Frederick Master Plan

On March 5, 2018, Mr. Anthony Bruscia, the Chair of the Frederick County Planning Commission, received a letter from the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP), as part of their "Local Plan Review," with detailed and … [Read more...]

County Executive Gardner to Hold Livable Frederick Town Hall on Wednesday (March 14)

For those who are interested in the planning of the future of Frederick County, this Wednesday evening (March 14th), there will be another opportunity to learn about it, and to ask questions or share comments about the … [Read more...]

MONDAY: Planning Commission Public Hearing on the Livable Frederick Master Plan

On Monday evening (at 7:00pm), the Frederick County Planning Commission is having an important public hearing to take public commentary about the Livable Frederick Master Plan. This important comprehensive planning … [Read more...]

Five Livable Frederick Master Plan outreach meetings scheduled

For everyone interested in the future of Frederick County, county residents will have a number of opportunity to learn about, ask about and discuss the draft Livable Frederick Master Plan at community … [Read more...]

Three meetings next week regarding the Livable Frederick Master Plan

For those who are interested in the planning of the future of Frederick County, next week there will be three meetings of note regarding the Livable Frederick comprehensive planning process, which began … [Read more...]

Take advantage of your opportunity to participate in the Livable Frederick process

Over the past several decades, Frederick County has developed several “comprehensive plans.” These documents, required under state law, were typically general policy document focused on land use and physical … [Read more...]

Livable Frederick: A New and Dynamic Approach to Comprehensive Planning

"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." ~ Yogi Berra By now you’ve probably heard that Livable Frederick is a new way of planning for the future. But many people don’t know what … [Read more...]