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Robert is editor and publisher of New Urban News, a newsletter for professionals, public officials, and citizens interested in the New Urbanism and neo-traditional development.

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Malls to mixed-use centers and other opportunities

While hundreds of malls are declining, they are also being reused for all kinds of purposes—including walkable urban places in communities lacking in this kind of environment. The retail industry … [Read more...]

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Home Builders report shows housing is changing

The American housing industry is changing course—and this will transform neighborhoods and communities over time by providing more and different choices in housing. A new report from the National … [Read more...]

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Why cities are the world’s best hope for climate action

Cities offer breakthrough potential for immediate and effective action on the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and a hotter world, according to a new book, The Urban Fix. The Urban Fix is the … [Read more...]

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Good congestion, bad congestion

congestion table

Our model for traffic congestion is flawed. We need to make the crucial distinction between good and bad congestion and plan our transportation systems accordingly. A few years ago, after taking a blood test, my … [Read more...]

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Experience is the new buzzword for walkable town centers

As the retail market becomes less certain, mixed-use developers look to other ways to boost foot traffic and create a destination. Online retail sales are having a mixed impact on urbanism. … [Read more...]

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Gentle density: Making neighborhoods transit-ready

Accessory dwellings can triple the density on a single-family lot while preserving the character of neighborhoods. Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a rapidly growing city—the largest in Northwest Arkansas, … [Read more...]

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Small apartments in single-family neighborhoods

A Midwest city considers an affordable option to house more families in walkable neighborhoods. To relieve a worsening shortage of housing, Minneapolis planners have suggested allowing the … [Read more...]

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Affordability is not a zero-sum game

A new report by Todd Litman offers a vision for optimal urban growth for affordability and livability—laying down a challenge to Wendell Cox, smart growth critic and author of a widely cited … [Read more...]